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Great Estates Okanagan
April 24, 2019 | Great Estates Okanagan

Discover Some of the Best Bubbles in the Okanagan

bubbles of the okanagan bubbly

Don't Wait for a Celebration to Enjoy these Sparkling Wines

Can we talk about one of the biggest wine myths out there? Sparkling wine is not JUST for formal celebrations! Why would we limit the enjoyment of bubbles to special occasions? We'll answer that for you - there is no reason.

If you feel a need to limit your sparkling wine to a celebration then we encourage you to expand the scope of your definition. For example, did you do something nice for someone today? Let's celebrate! Did a friend spontaneous drop in? Hooray, pop the cork! Are you really killing it with your positive mental attitude? Keep it rolling by saying 'yes!' to a glass of bubbly. 

Life is worth celebrating, don't you think? 

We created a video featuring three great sparkling wine options from the Okanagan. They are each different but all three are exceptional. And now that you know you don't have to wait for some formal occasion, you can try them all!

Click play to see Dave Carson, the winemaker from Jackson-Triggs in Oliver, BC, share his tasting notes on the Entourage Grand Reserve Sparkling Brut. You'll also meet Derek Kontkanen, the winemaker at Inniskillin Estate Winery. He'll introduce you to the Sparkling Tempranillo Rosé Cuvée Close. And finally, Steller's Jay winemaker, Jason James has some interesting pairing suggestions for the Steller's Jay Sparkling Gewurztraminer.

Ready for a taste? Join us at our winery tasting bars or at the Great Estates Wine Experience Centre in Penticton, BC for a sample of these sparkling wines.

Wine touring in the Okanagan - there's another thing you can add to your list of things to celebrate! 


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